November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month…

…and I have been planning for a very long time. It started in August, when I thought it would be fun to throw together a photoshoot – just for the heck of it. After extensive planning and collaboration with Longmont-based Ryan Brackin Photography, we had our shoot set for Sept 1st. The concept of these photos was to highlight each individual’s passions, and to show the many ways in which we choose to define ourselves.  (Ie, Patrick defines himself by being an athlete, not an “epileptic”.) 

When I got these pictures back, I was blown away. Hannah, Patrick, Toni, Bryn – they were all a source of inspiration. I went back and interviewed everyone, deciding to use these pics for a mock magazine spread. The concept of the interviews was rather simple. Discuss your passion, how/if living with epilepsy has made it more difficult to pursue said passion, and how you’ve conquered those challenges. I then had everyone write a list of 4-5 words that define them, with “epileptic” crossed out at the bottom. Later, I traced each person’s handwriting and overlayed the image on Photoshop to maintain an element of authenticity.

So here you go! November is almost here, and I don’t think I can wait any longer. I’d love to hear your feedback, as this is the first of many projects for me.

Photo Credit Ryan Brackin Photography

Photo by Ryan Brackin Photography

Photo by Ryan Brackin Photography

Photo by Ryan Brackin Photography

Photo by Ryan Brackin Photography

All photos by Ryan Brackin Photography

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